This is the story of Suhani and Dodo

“I was new to this neighborhood and often saw a lot of street dogs roaming in the colony but I never got a chance to befriend them. It was until I met Dodo, she is a beautiful little girl.

I was returning from the market when I saw a female dog who was searching the dustbins probably finding some food. She appeared hungry to me so I decided to feed her. I reached home and bought her some milk and bread. She was scared so she refused to come near me. I put the food in the bowl I saw was kept under the tree, which I supposed belonged to her. After putting the food, I decided to go back home and when I stopped in the middle, just to check on her, I saw her hurriedly eating. Guess she didn’t want any other dog to take away her food haha. To be honest, I never got so happy seeing someone doing something as basic. From that day onwards, I decided to take her responsibility and my mom named her Dodo. It took us some weeks to properly get settled with her as she won’t come near us. After some time, she would come near the gate of my house whenever she was hungry and I would go give her some milk.

Dodo and I are best friends now. I love how she comes running to me whenever I call out her name and then asks me for belly rubs which I think I owe her for the rest of my life haha. We always have something new to tell each other whenever we meet. I love how my little buddy follows me wherever I go whenever I am with her.

There are other lovely dogs whom I love spending my time with within my locality. Also, I’m a member of the RWA stray dogs’ management group which is a group of some of the most genuine and supportive individuals I’ve ever known. Our main aim is to maintain the peaceful harmony between the doggos and Humans.”


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