Diwali, a joyous festival brimming with fireworks and festivities, often conceals a grave concern – the adverse effects of firecrackers on stray animals. As responsible citizens, we must raise awareness and ensure a more compassionate Diwali for our vulnerable four-legged friends.

The Auditory Vulnerability of Animals
Firecrackers, known for their ear-piercing explosions, inflict distress on animals with heightened hearing sensitivity. Free living dogs, cats, cattle and birds are particularly vulnerable. The loud bangs lead to panic, stress, and, in severe cases, even heart attacks.

Fear and Psychological Stress
Picture a stray dog seeking shelter and sustenance on the streets. When fireworks light up the sky, their world transforms into a battlefield of unpredictable explosions. This fear and stress result in behavioural issues, including phobias, aggression, and self-harm.

Inhalation of Perilous Particulate Emissions
Fireworks release harmful chemical particles into the air, posing respiratory risks to animals. Stray animals, already facing numerous environmental challenges, are further burdened by these pollutants.

Consumption of Residual Contaminants
The remnants of fireworks left on the streets can entice animals to sniff, lick and ingest parts of it. However, these residues contain toxins that can cause severe harm.

Mutilations and Lethal Incidents
Careless or abusive use of fireworks can lead to accidents, resulting in severe injuries or fatalities for animals. It is not funny to throw firecrackers at animals or tie fireworks to the tail of a dog! The suffering endured by these creatures who often have nobody to take them to a vet for medical treatment is heart-wrenching.

Fireworks can also trigger fires, endangering animals and destroying their habitats, impacting wildlife and stray animals.

Shouldn’t we, as compassionate members of society, prioritize the welfare of all living creatures during our celebrations? This Diwali, let’s opt for noiseless, eco- and animal friendly alternatives to traditional firecrackers, illuminating not just our homes but also the lives of the voiceless beings that share our world.

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  1. Malini Ghosh

    Totally respect and agree to this post ( against fireworks n crackers. It is dangerous to animals birds n humans. We are breathing in deadly fumes. Pl say no to fireworks…..


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